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Chris Ford
David Carter

Born in California. Grew up in Reno. (Don’t ask.) Lives in Mill Valley, CA. Worked at JWT, Chiat/Day, Goodby Silverstein and Partners, Ogilvy and Pretzel Hut. Likes Crossfit. Hates running. Runs anyways. Wrote, produced, and directed a feature film. Invented Share a Coke. Goes to bed early. Gets up early. But not too early. Backpacks. Has two kids. And a Labradoodle with 30K followers on Instagram. (Once again, don’t ask.) Likes the color blue. Hates the color green. Indifferent about all other colors. Buys too many sneakers. Likes keeping things neat. And organized. And straight. Posts additional work at

Born in The Big Easy. Lives in Minneapolis. Worked for BBDO. Worked for Fallon. Worked for Chiat/Day. Worked for Hal Riney. The man and the agency. Bagged a lot of groceries. Invented BMW films. And HBO Voyeur. Practices yoga. Grows lame beards. Has three kids and a small dog (but really isn't a small dog person.) Had a Jeep. Has since gone electric. Loves hockey, but can't skate. Is suspicious of Facebook. And Instagram. (They’re all listening.) Loves @darth, @stratechery and hates, well, maybe this isn’t the place to get political. Posts more of his work at