The ask was for a few words and some B-roll that explained how Best Buy’s Teen Tech Center gives underfunded kids access to after school STEM training. But who really wants to make another chest-beating corporate video? More importantly, who really wants to watch another chest-beating corporate video? So we had a thought. What if we told the story of the good being done not from the point of view of a big corporation, but rather the kids that big corporation was helping?


In the end we created three spoken word films, each told from the point of view of a kid actively benefiting from one of Best Buy’s Teen Tech Centers. Our favorite is the one embedded below and features Naje — a hugely impressive, talented and thoughtful kid from Minneapolis who tells her story of what the Teen Tech Center means to her in her own age-defying and beautifully poetic words. 


Dir. A.V. Rockwell.

Winner: One Show Short Film Festival - Emerging Writer